Renaissance Mandala
Grand Prize Winner of a Specialty Printing Worldwide Contest!


Mandala of rebirth of a better world based on universal values of equity and unity. This unique mandala Limited Edition would not have seen the light of day without the artist Dominique Cloutier who produced the “mandalistic” work and 5 Quebec companies from Montreal who invested all their know-how in order to achieve this mandala with an almost unreal look. It benefits from multiple high-end printing processes, such as: hot stamping, embossing, specialized inks and varnishes, laser cutting and lamination. This mandala is a daily reminder that we are all creators of this new world and that we are connected to each other through one and the same source.

Let’s take back our power to make a difference and give our children and grandchildren a bright future!

  • Format without frame (16″ X 16″ – 40.64 cm X 40.64 cm)
  • Format with frame (18″ X 18″ – 45.72 cm X 45.72 cm)
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Cardboard poster:

  • Limited edition poster.
  • Unframed format: 16 "X 16" (40.64 cm X 40.64 cm)
  • Format with frame: 18 "X 18" (48.64 cm X 48.64 cm)
  • Frame available as an option

This work would not have seen the light of day without the know-how of talented Montreal printers, such as:

  • Gravure Choquet : hot stamping, embossing
  • Super Lustre Graphique Inc. : UV and thermographic varnish
  • Matrices Montréal Dies inc.: die making
  • RL : lamination
  • Découpage BM inc. : cutting


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