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This magnificent bracelet in semi-precious pearls vibrates the colors of the earth. It revitalizes the energy of the physical and energetic body and invites us to believe in our power. Fosters connection to our innate knowledge. Suitable for meditation. An ideal gift idea for lovers of meditation, spirituality and lithotherapy.


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  • Stone of respect, strength, courage and confidence
  • Facilitates decision making
  • Beneficial for the nervous and digestive system
  • Effective against hair loss, hives and viral infections
  • Used to align the neck chakras, throat and vocal cords
  • Regulates hormones

AQUILARIA WOOD (agarwood or oudwood)

  • Wood associated with harmony and serenity
  • Commonly called "Wood of the Gods"
  • Used in sacred rituals
  • Calms body and mind (energy and physical balance)
  • Helps regulate sleep
  • Known to be a valuable ally for general well-being


  • Stone of Vitality and Energy
  • Restores strength to the sexuality chakra (fights impotence and frigidity)
  • Promotes resolution and success
  • Stimulates concentration and meditation
  • Facilitates adaptation to new situations
  • Effective in stopping bleeding


  • Hematite is ideal for combating fatigue
  • Stimulates concentration, memory and provides vitality and dynamism
  • Transmits energy, courage and determination in difficult times
  • Promotes better listening to oneself and to others
  • Reduces women's shyness and increases self-confidence
  • Acts positively on convalescence and also acts effectively against anemia


  • Stone of wisdom and harmony
  • Promotes concentration and motivation
  • Guide us to inner peace
  • Strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of urinary tract infections
  • Relieves headaches or migraines
  • Helps find restful sleep


  • Stone of communication, it allows us to express ourselves more easily
  • Helps personal development and strengthens self-esteem
  • Anchor stone, common sense, courage and concentration
  • Help to make quick decisions and put them into action
  • Positive effects on women's sexuality


  • Stone of instinct, it sharpens intuition and helps prevent the difficulties inherent in business and financial companies
  • Perfect for concentration and recharging energy
  • Its vibration calms emotions, nostalgia and stimulates the desire to work
  • Teaches us to overcome prejudices.
  • Chases negative waves from home
  • Strengthens bones and joints
  • Soothing effects on the respiratory system

ONYX (or black agate)

  • Stone of rooting in the earth
  • Strengthens, supports and protects against negative influences
  • Amplifies harmony, emotional balance and self-control, ideal for nervous people
  • Helps develop objectivity, a sense of responsibility and wisdom
  • Promotes divinatory dreams and intuition
  • Improves blood circulation and hearing


  • Protective stone rich in creative energy
  • Ideal for the absorption of essential oils due to its porosity
  • Strengthens the intellect, clears the mind, repels malicious energies and diseases in all their forms
  • Root stone allowing a strong bond to the earth
  • Stimulates the joy of living, spontaneity and reconnection to oneself
  • Is associated with virile power and sexual rigor


  • stainless steel
  • feathers (painted steel)
  • glass


  • 8 mm


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