get together with family or friends to achieve a common work of which all will be proud!

… or gift this mandala for coloring to someone who could benefit from some meditative time. Coloring a mandala provides downtime and allows us to recharge our batteries. Personalize your mandala, you can then frame it, hang it on the wall and personalize your space to create a unique atmosphere in your colors. Several models and sizes are available to you. Small formats to download directly after purchase.

** For downloadable products, printing is not included.


Given the current long delivery times, please contact us directly to inquire about our inventory.
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Detailed mandala for coloring: Printed in black on premium heavyweight matte paper. Ideal for coloring with your favorite markers or wood pencils (not included).

Packaging: The design is rolled up and posted in a shipping tube which can be used for storage during production.

• 8 inches X 8 inches (downloadable)
• 16 inches X 16 inches
• 22 inches X 22 inches
• 36 inches X 36 inches
• 46 inches X 46 inches (giant)

Delivery: The time required to process an order may vary. The printing of models and sizes depends on the requests so there may be a few days of additional delays on some orders. We do everything possible in our power to ensure a reasonable delivery time.

Handle with care.

* Works entirely made by Dominique Cloutier © Mandala Universe


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