A word about the founder

Dominique cloutier

is a passionate artist who aspires to create works that aim to elevate vibrations. Joy, unconditional love, tenderness, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, creative power which we all possess want to awaken and radiate but sometimes we wonder how to put them to work in our daily lives. Her dream is to make a difference in people’s lives by creating works inspired by her research on the power of colors and mandalas on our vibrations.
Her aspiration to vibrate and bring happiness to the hearts of people, one mandala at a time, led her to definitively found the MANDALA UNIVERSE company in March 2019.

Several passions combined

The company was born from several passions combined; yoga, meditation, the outdoors, beauty, in brief everything that brings well-being. The mandalas were first printed on greeting cards and posters, but the idea of having them printed on yoga and meditation mats quickly took shape as the founder is an unconditional follower of these two disciplines.

Vibration research

After researching the vibrational power of colors, sounds and shapes, the founder began to create her own mandalas which have become more than just artworks From their first appearance in public, her mandalas caused a sensation. Since each mandala emits its own energy and unique vibration, some are more attractive to some people and less attractive to others which is not a coincidence. This choice reflects the needs of the soul. Several people have testified of the beneficial effects of these on their mood and on their motivation.

The company strives to develop a range of vibrant products that are remedies for monotony, motivational boosters, anti-stress tools and generator of positive energy on a daily basis.

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