Vibrations research

Sep 14, 2020
water vibrations

A multitude of shapes

The research that I have undertaken for several years has made me discover a fascinating world of geometric shapes that already exist in nature and which manifest themselves in the structure of plants, crystals, animals, etc. What you see in the image above is the shape a drop of water takes when the piano strings strike up the notes of the scale. See how the number of segments changes as well as the complexity of the shapes.

Photo credit: Alexey Kljatov

Fascinating snowflakes!

Perhaps one of the most amazing manifestations of natural power and perfect beauty that I have observed is the formation of snowflakes and their magnificent geometric shapes. They were formed into crystals when water was vibrating at a given frequency.

Research into the representation of vibrations is called cymatics. To find out more on the subject, here is a very interesting and fairly complete link on research that links sounds and the creation of forms carried out by Alain Boudet, Doctor of Physical Sciences –

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