Infinite beauty of the earth

Sep 14, 2020
Infinite beauty of the earth mandala

This mandala reminds you of the importance of connecting with nature to focus your energy in order to support yourself and access the totality of who you are in the higher divine perspective in order to allow you to live more passionately in your life. You may have obstacles that have weighed you down recently. It can be financially or emotionally. You have the power to move away from these energies by deepening your connection with nature. Of course, if it’s cold, gray and rainy outside, you don’t necessarily want to go outside to connect. It is possible to transmute these energies into positive and luminous vibrations by contemplating this mandala, a plant or a crystal or even sitting near a window and looking at the natural world.

It’s more about connecting to the peace of the moment at your disposal. When you are in a conscious presence, simply feel your energy anchor in the ground with roots going all the way to the crystal heart of Gaia. The wisdom of the earth, its beauty and its abundance will fully support you and if you listen carefully, this becomes a gateway to the inner advice available to you to live with more passion in your life.

Part of your lack of energy can also come from making decisions to please others, to make them happy. This is very commendable, but in the end, your true service to the world can only come when you embody the highest light of your inner truth in your most radiant joy. If you do, you will have more energy than you have had in a long time. You are entering the flow of abundance and you are going to be of service to the greater good on your terms and in a way that you will love and enjoy.

Now is the time to listen to your inner guide, reconnect to your truth to be more in tune with who you really are. Definitely turn the page on your past and know that you are now able to change alignment with your new truth. Also remember to love yourself, not to conform to someone else’s vision. It’s time to be true.

You can use this statement : «I use my love energy as a tool to attract more well-being to my life». Commit to follow this vision and make it your truth. The world will commit to tracking who you are now and you’re going to see significant changes in your energy level and how others relate to you.

Dare to live in the joy and love that you have, it will be your unique personal contribution to people and to this world.


Shine, shine, shine!