Divine source

Sep 14, 2020
Divine Source Mandala

In our life we have a choice of our thoughts and we are truly free. For many people, it’s not easy to believe it. It’s even quite terrifying. In everyday activities, we experience different situations and often we believe that we are victims of them. Believe me it’s very easy to believe it!! It is an everyday job to take 100% responsibility for what is in front of us. I did the exercise of looking at my beliefs and thoughts in order to see the energy that emanated from my thoughts. I realized what I was creating and it was not very surprising to have the result that came out of it … I realized that I have a lot of power. It’s easier to say to yourself that someone has done this or that to me … but in reality if you take it on the side of “I am fully responsible” then a new perspective opens up and gives us back our power. The power to make a difference.

My mandalas are my creations. I take responsibility for it. They have their own energies. If they can change my thoughts just by their presence then I hope they will have the power to change things.

They were made with great love. Everything I do now is going to spring from this true place in me. I would really like them to light up people’s lives not their beauty and their energies.

If you are like me who truly believe that we can make a difference in this world through our beautiful energies, drop me a line. I will be delighted to read you! Thank you.