Quantum energy

Jul 8, 2020

It all starts with “I AM” !!! … but who are we actually? Are we the result of the beliefs of our parents, society and the world around us? Often times we define ourselves from what other people have created before us and we have believed them without doubting their goodwill or love for us. How else can we do it when this is all we know and we are not even aware of our true nature?

If, for example, we are born into a free and loving family, we receive the message that life is filled with beauty, love and freedom. On the other hand, if we are born in an environment where beliefs are limiting and based on a system of fears, we will also believe that it is reality and our life will be the confirmation that these beliefs are true. It will be our foundation upon which everything will be built.

Injustice or extraordinary springboard for development? Victim or mighty transformer? What do we choose to be? Everything that presents itself in our life can be seen as curses or golden opportunities for profound and liberating change. Each test of life gives us the opportunity to redefine ourselves. But is it really possible to free ourselves and access our true power of creation and our true identity when all our memories and our unconscious guide our next steps?

This mandala is deep and appeals to our transformative power. Like the cell that multiplies and offers a multitude of possibilities, our thoughts and intentions define the foundation of ideas until their manifestation in matter. Quantum energy in the universe is constantly changing and it is infinite.

What is happening on a global scale right now may cause us to be more in fear or more in our power and love. If all of our attention goes to our deepest desires, the energy will follow and manifest. The opposite would be impossible. And that’s where our power lies. Let us collectively give ourselves the possibility to change, to redefine our beliefs for the well-being of all by bringing together all the attention towards a common goal of giving the planet back its vitality for the generations that will follow.

Without a profound transformation of the being, there is little hope for change on a larger scale. At all times, we have the freedom to choose to create separation, judgment, hatred, resentment, violence (low vibrations) or turn to listening, love, beauty, honesty, compassion, forgiveness, mutual aid (high vibrations).

The earth asks us to lift ourselves up individually and collectively. It is a real power that everyone carries within them. You just have to believe that it is possible, because we are much more than what people wanted us to believe!

Be the change you want to see in the world

– Gandhi