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Born of fascinating research on the power of vibrations, the works of MANDALA UNIVERSE that you will discover on this site are lively, colorful and each have their own unique energy. They are intended to raise the vibrations of joy, unconditional love, tenderness, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion as well as the activation of the creative power that we all possess. They are in some ways an invitation to live a joyful inner adventure and to walk towards a better world and to discover its secrets!

« If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of
energy, frequency and vibration.»

– Nikola Tesla

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The art of life

At a time when events and fear can invade and destabilize us, it is important, now more than ever, to take the time to settle down. Just by focusing on our breathing, it is possible to calm the thousands of thoughts that cross our minds. By connecting to our body and our sensations, we contact a space of inner calm where thoughts of love raise our vibrations and bring us into a state of soothing gratitude.
By ideally doing it twice a day, in the morning before starting your day and in the evening before falling asleep, you will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of this simple daily practice.
Try it and you will see!

Inspiring testimony

«Favorite when I first saw it and favorite since! Thank you for helping me motivate myself to do yoga every day with this beautiful, high quality mat. »

Leila Kairns

«My heart cracked when I discovered UNIVERS MANDALA rugs. Subsequently, I visualized a carpet in my bedroom, in my living room, in my work room, on my patio by the lake. I bought several and gave them as gifts to women who were precious to me. What a crush for my soul and me. The energy and love projected by these creations made me completely in love!
In addition to their exceptional quality, these rugs have become an essential tool for me. I am grateful.»

Karen Ouellet

« I got the quantum energy meditation mat and I’m in love! From the moment I step on this carpet, I feel transported into another universe. There is no better place to meditate than in the heart of this carpet. In addition, what about the quality, it is perfect! When you are in contact with UNIVERS MANDALA creations, you can only fall in love with them. I highly recommend these products! Dominique’s creations will make you travel!»

Sabrina Calabro